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We have achieved our goal!

HI Everyone, we have finally got our large house. It is in Lavender Beds, Ward 1, Plot 36

We did have to set up a new FC, but it will be exactly the same as the current Wild Tonberries, even the name once it is changed.

Message myself, Haoji, or any other member that is online for an invite, or join us on Discord. https://goo.gl/Sbba5B.

Join us soon!


Regarding the Alt FC [UPDATED]

Update: We are done, the extra work is appreciated! Now just to wait for housing to open up!

Some members have created alt characters to level in it, but it’s completely optional and we are not switching our main characters until we get a new house.

Join the new Discord Chat (see post below) and we can keep in touch and switch between characters if you need any help.

Happy adventuring!


Info on housing reclamation.

At least people who’s houses are lost wont be able to say that they were not given ample warning, but this will be the first step for us being able to upgrade to a large house! Reclamation of Inactive Housing To ensure that plots of land are not claimed and left unused, estates not accessed […]